How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to MAC

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to MAC

Today I’m going to show you something beneficial and straightforward, but that many people don’t know, and that is how to transfer photos from your iPhone to your Mac? Many people think it’s not very easy to e-juice iTunes or download external software or something like that but know everything you need is already in … Read more

5 Best Ghost Detector Apps 2020 for Andorid & iOS (Updated)

Best Ghost Detector Apps

Are you looking to capture horror activities near you using your smartphone? This world is one of the greatest mysteries of humanity. In the past, catching ghosts or spiritual activities wasn’t that easy, but it wasn’t easy for smartphone users. Ghost apps should work through specific energy sensors so that the interface automatically “detects” unusual … Read more

16 Best Android Apps not on the Google Play Store (2020)

Best Android Apps not in Play Store

Each application must go through various analyzes received by Play Store. However, some applications do not pass this study, so they are then considered “prohibited”. In this case, the program places these applications outdoors to cause them to violate several laws. In this way, they make your community, which is the same user, safe and … Read more