Useful Apps to Have on iPhone

It’s hard to imagine what we would do if we didn’t have apps like Netflix or Google Chrome. We are so accustomed to them that we do not see an alternative.

Almost every modern user has the most popular and well-known applications from our list downloaded on their smartphones, and it’s worth saying that they really help out a lot by simplifying our lives.

Useful Apps to Have on iPhone

We decided to create a top of the best applications for the iPhone, as well as suggest which of them are suitable for solving certain tasks.


The world’s largest online cinema presents excellent films on its service – you definitely won’t get bored with them! For many, Netflix has become a favorite online movie theatre, and, it is worth noting, that there really is something to love about it.

Netflix is easy to use. It also has a fast automatic transition between series. You are surely getting a high-quality cinema experience.

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Get things done with Todoist. The application was released in 2007, and since then it has become a real panacea for many. A list of purchases, things to do in a day, a work plan – all this needs to be entered somewhere. Todoist will always be at hand and tell you what to do next according to the plan.

In the service, you can manage personal tasks and make a schedule of tasks, indicating the dates of their completion and priority. You can indicate the time when you are going to play real money casino India games on your smartphone.

Features of the application include an intuitive interface and a smooth experience. Registration takes only a couple of seconds, and if you have a Google account, you can log in instantly.


If you still don’t have a note-taking app on your iPhone, it’s time to check out Evernote. This is the best application that allows you to create and store notes on your smartphone. With a paid subscription, the amount of data is unlimited, it is possible to create presentations and edit PDF files.

The application is good because it has a lot of useful features: you can keep a diary in it (it is very useful to express your thoughts), store documents, and use it as a voice recorder. Thanks to a clear interface, you will always quickly find access to your files.

Google Chrome

Since 2008, Google Chrome has been providing users with a reliable, fast, and most importantly secure web experience. With this browser you can open several tabs – this will not affect performance in any way.

When creating this browser, the opinions of users were taken into account and relied only on them. On the right is a bookmarked panel – store what you want to return to later.

If you want the fastest web browser, the answer is obvious – you need Google Chrome. You quickly get used to it. The browser is undoubtedly the best one for smartphones.

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The app is dedicated to the music lover! Spotify is a lifesaver and an alternative. This application is a real harvester with an abundance of various genres and directions.

It is possible to download music for listening offline but by subscription. Subscription is inexpensive. There is a client for Windows. The intuitive interface is simple and concise. To share tracks with friends, you can connect to social networks.

The application has a very interesting feature – you can control the program on the computer from the program on the iPhone.

Inside the app, you will find a large database of music. Also, the sound quality is perfect. As for the convenience, you can be sure to get the best possible experience. 

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