The Razer Seiren Range Review

It’s always a sad day when your prized headphones finally give up. Even though they were tough and withstood countless headphone drops, general wear and tear took its toll on the material of your once-beloved cans. The poor sound quality was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back too.

At this point, you could go on and buy a new pair of headphones or you could try looking into the good old headphone amplifier. If it’s an old headphone amplifier, there’s a chance that your old cans can still be repaired.

But why bother? You could at least replace the crappy stock earphones with something decent instead. But is it really worth it? I’m here to answer that with The Razer Seiren range review in Singapore.

The Razer Seiren Range Review

We’ll look into the features of the Razer Seiren, its pros and cons, and whether it’s worth your hard-earned cash.

What is The Razer Seiren?

The Razer Seiren is a set of headphones that consists of a pair of headphones and an amplifier. The amplifier consists of a built-in DAC (digital to analog converter) which outputs audio signals as digital signals in PCM (PCM stands for pulse code modulation – think digital sound).

In the Seiren, this is known as a digital headphone solution. For portable use like with smartphones and tablets, the adapters can be set to output analog signals in either 2-Channel or 4-Channel mode.

According to, the audio quality you get is dependent on your device’s DAC. The possibility of getting better sound quality depends on the capabilities of your smartphone or tablet’s DAC.

The Seiren can also be used with a microphone to actively take calls while gaming. This is pretty useful if you don’t want to skip that call and listen to music at the same time.

The main headset is fitted with a single, large 50mm Neodymium magnet size driver. This driver can hold up to a maximum input of 1,000Hz. Using this, vocals and instruments can be heard clearly. The headset has a frequency response range of 16Hz to 24,000Hz so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any frequencies.

The amplifier comes with controls for volume, bass boost, and mic mute. The amplifier also acts as a splitter where it can connect two sets of headphones on the go. The microphone is removable and can be placed separately from the headphones with its own stand. It has an excellent frequency response with a range of 50Hz – 18,000Hz.

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Key Features of The Razer Seiren Range

The Razer Seiren comes with the following features:

Size and weight

The Razer Seiren is a small and lightweight (310 g) headphone amplifier system. This means that it won’t weigh your backpack down or make you look like a hulky nerd.

You won’t have to carry something so bulky when you’re traveling abroad.

Form factor

The Razer Seiren has been designed to resemble its predecessor, the Razer Seiren. They look the same and the only difference is the ability to wear them on your neck.

The Razer Seiren’s form factor is unconventional because it doesn’t conform to standard headphone sizes and shapes.

Frequency response range

The Razer Seiren has a frequency response of 16Hz – 24,000Hz, which means that you will be able to hear everything in your favorite songs clearly.

No more “Is that a guitar? I can’t hear it because my headphones suck!” moments.

Digital headphone solution

The Razer Seiren’s headphone amplifier solution makes the most of your existing audio hardware. You don’t have to spend a bomb on an expensive pair of headphones in order to get great-sounding audio.

The amplifier can be used with a mic and two pairs of headphones plugged into it at one time.

Razer Seiren

Mic quality

The microphone has been designed with clarity in mind, so your friends on the other side will be able to hear you clearly.

The mic will also be able to cut down background noises, so there’s no need to shout when you’re making a call.

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Overall, the Razer Seiren is a worthy upgrade to your existing headphones. If you have high-quality headphones, the Razer Seiren will give them a run for their money.

You can get high-quality audio without paying too much money. We hope this Razer Seiren range review has helped you understand this fantastic product better.

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