5 Best Text Message and Call Blocking Apps in 2022

Do you need to lend your cellphone to friends or family for games or other reasons? Are you worried about your personal or essential message? Here are some of the best SMS applications for Android / iPhone 2022 that can help protect your private conversations. Mobile phones usually don’t give us the ability to handle calls and choose what we want to receive and which we don’t. This feature will make the lives of many users more enjoyable, especially if they are bored with really annoying telemarketing campaigns. But not only that. Many want to block incoming calls from cellphones or specific contacts that are no longer received. Whatever it is, restrictions on calls and SMS applications are among the most downloaded apps as soon as users recognize them. But there are still many who don’t even know their whereabouts. Who would have thought they could block incoming calls?

best text messaging apps

Here is a detailed analysis of the three most popular SMS and voice call blocking applications. This call blocker prevents unknown numbers from making unwanted or unsolicited calls. With this best call blocking app, you can immediately block calls from sales that you have handled for years.

Best Call Blocking Apps

  1. CallBlacklist
  2. Truecaller
  3. Call Control
  4. Call Blocker
  5. Mr. Number

We review many applications that can filter and block unwanted calls and SMS. In this article, we will look at the best uses of this plan. So, let’s get started:

Call Blacklist – Best Message and Call Blocker App

This call blocker has two purposes: it can block calls and text messages. It can block calls and messages from private, hidden, or anonymous numbers. It also prevents unknown or unwanted numbers. If you are bored with spam, SMS, and annoying calls from telemarketing companies and automated calls, you should try this application. Aside from being a blocking call that is very powerful, easy to use, and use.

Best Message and Call Blocker App

It comes with unique features. For example, you can plan to block specific numbers at certain times of the day. You can also allow certain contact information to contact you at certain times. With a blacklist, you can filter numbers that start with a particular prefix. It has a button that you can use to activate or deactivate a call restriction by pressing the button.


  • The user interface is simple and easy.
  • Integrated Black and White list
  • It’s easy to block calls and spam
  • Work as scheduled

TruecallerBest Call Blocker App for Android & iPhone

Truecaller is one of the most famous calls blocking applications used by many users throughout the world. It allows the caller ID to be recognized. Spam calls and text messages are also blocked. With Truecaller Pay-UPI, you can send money instantly through a secure platform. This platform can also help you pay bills and even charge your mobile device.

Best Call Blocker App for Android & iPhone

Truecaller is a sound call barrier that makes your life easier. It provides a platform for communicating with friends and family. The updated app organizes our messy inbox and frees you from the cluttered inbox.


  • The functionality is so comfortable with most users that they do not see installing another software.
  • This software can replace standard calls.
  • This application contains an extensive database of telephone numbers that are updated regularly and are involved in fraud and spam schemes.
  • The user can see that he received a call or SMS from a suspicious number, but can completely block unwanted numbers and contacts.
  • Great universal application! It is updated regularly and always functions as a clock!

Call ControlBest Full Feature Text and Call Blocker

Call Control – Call Blocker is the third application that effectively challenges locations in handling unwanted calls or messages. It is a new application for visuals. If we keep this fact, we see that call control is beneficial in our work. However, it must be noted that an essential part of this application is dedicated to the services it offers to its user community and that it is only available in the United States. On the other hand, services would be good to have in our region because they usually focus on blocking directly the numbers reported by other users (telephone surveys, operators, banks).

Best Full Feature Text and Call Blocker


  • Call control is ahead, bypassing competing software. When it comes to calling control, functionality comes first.
  • Intuitive interface, everything is well thought out and comfortable.
  • Free at the same time!
  • There are no work complaints

Call Blocker – Best Android Call and Text Blocking App

The simplicity of the name of this application matches the simplicity of the interface. There is nothing wrong with Call Blocker. The user interface is simple and easy, and, thanks to the integrated black and white list, it’s easy to block calls and spam. Work will also be carried out according to schedule. For example, you can take a short break by temporarily deactivating all incoming calls. Of course, information about all calls received is stored.

Best Android Call and Text Blocking App

Call Blocker saves you from receiving unwanted calls by identifying telephone numbers. Call Blocker can block calls from unwanted numbers, especially if they are not part of your contact or address book. They have an extensive database with around billions of 1 digit. So, you can immediately see who is calling and block it if necessary.


  • Blocking calls display detailed information about a particular caller. So, you can block numbers and prevent spam immediately.
  • Privacy control can be done by blocking calls from spammers and telemarketers.
  • Easy to use and has a user-friendly interface

Mr. Number – Top Rated Text Blocker

Mr. Number includes in its application, in addition to the lock system, another instant messaging between users registered in it. It allows two-in-one that eliminates the benefits of blocking written calls and messages. A system that prevents us from receiving unwanted calls and SMS numbers is straightforward to manage and manage. We can show Mr. Number as one of the most useful applications in terms of damage management.

Top Rated App Blocker

Like many other apps on our list, The number has a database of the amount from which spam was sent or fraud schemes introduced.


  • Numbers involved in phishing and other illegal activities are blocked automatically, and users are notified of the call attempt
  • This application has been developed on Android for a relatively long time
  • It has been updated several times, but unfortunately, the software’s ability to block SMS and calls have so far been limited
  • Overall, this program functions, but not as well as we would like it to be


These best SMS applications for Android / iPhone 2022 that protect your private conversations from snooping. With the above app for iOS and Android devices, you can block calls and text messages from foreign marketing companies, fraud with IRS, Robocall, and other spammers. This application usually checks its database to see whether callers should be blocked or not. That way, you don’t have to waste time checking whether the conversation is critical to you.

You can also have a list of numbers that you want to block and a list of other names that you want to whitelist. Many of these call blocking applications know which numbers to block and which must be answered. They function as excellent call filters for iOS and Android devices. We hope to provide you with a list of high applications to download and enjoy your time without worry.

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