5 Best Ghost Detector Apps for Android & iOS (Updated 2022)

Are you looking to capture horror activities near you using your smartphone? This world is one of the greatest mysteries of humanity. In the past, catching ghosts or spiritual activities wasn’t that easy, but it wasn’t easy for smartphone users. Ghost apps should work through specific energy sensors so that the interface automatically “detects” unusual events. With this application, you can easily take ghost photos, videos, and audio files and share them with friends and family.

Best Ghost Detector Apps

You can easily track and communicate with your mind using the paranormal application on your device. This application is available for Android and iOS users, so anyone can easily use it on their smartphone and capture paranormal activity. With them, you will find many tools to detect real ghosts, abnormal energy, witch fluctuations, or spend some jokes on your friends with horrific spectra.

Best Ghost Detector Apps

This app was developed with the latest technology and powerful tools to achieve the best results. Some apps are only for entertainment purposes, so you can have fun with friends and family to catch ghost activity on your smartphone. We want to mention a few ghost detector apps that can show whether there are ghosts in your home. Even if it’s not reality, you can at least feel afraid or panic with people around you and have fun.

Ghost Detector – Best Ghost Detector App for Android

Ghost Detector is a free and popular application for finding ghosts and paranormal detectors for Android and iOS users. Ghost Detector will help you find ghosts near you. There is an electromagnetic field (EMF / EM field) that you can use to detect paranormal activity. Easy to use with proper user instructions, you can easily read it and use this application for free on your smartphone. There is also a thermometer for temperature measurement.




A group of paranormal experts develops a ghost Detectors so you can use your smartphone as a ghost hunter. If you use a device and camera sensor, you must open the application and follow the instructions that guide you and take pictures with it.

Best Ghost Detector App for Android


  • Use magnetic induction signals
  • Use an indicator at the top for a full scan.
  • The built-in compass will guide you where there’s a higher number of sensitivities.
  • Easy to use

Ghost Radar – Best Ghost Detector App

The radar detector helps you identify all the ghosts, interests, and spectral creatures in your home because it gives you a full radar display that you can display on your LCD screen. All you have to do is turn on scanning and run around the whole place. This application uses the device’s sensors and built-in radius to pick up electromagnetic and unnatural or general field signals.


On the other hand, the radar detector finds all the ghosts that rotate in place and show three points in different colors to identify the signal strength. If it is green, it means a stable flow of incredible energy is flowing. If it’s yellow, it means the signal is weaker. But red translates to their distance. It also shows several words that can be explained. Maybe this is the message you received from the afterlife!

Best Ghost Detector App


  • You can open the camera to take photos, videos, put night mode, etc.
  • Works via GPS and smartphone processor
  • Detects strange movements using signals
  • Different colors of signals
  • Free

Ghost Observer – Best Ghost Followers App

Ghost Observer is the best ghost followers if your home is haunted. With Ghost Observer, you can see the energy of all the ghosts in your home using your mobile camera. You will find the radar in the bottom corner, and your job is to walk around the construction site. When an anomaly is detected, a white dot will be displayed, and the sound alert will start ringing. Do periodic calibrations to fine-tune the results, as they can break it down.


As if that weren’t enough, Ghost Observer allows you to record the audio while you’re doing spiritual turns, in which you can capture, with real voices, what they want to tell you. Access to the premium version gives you accurate message translations and “Yes” and “No” communicators for quick replies.

best ghost followers app


  • Use unique and advanced technology to detect, analyze, and record
  • You can easily interact with the mind using this app
  • You can record mind activities on your smartphone using this app

Ghost Camera Prank

This app will allow you to retouch any photo to add crashing spirits in them. You will find a complete folder with hundreds of stickers that you can change, enlarge, and adjust as desired. There are even masks and costumes for Halloween that you can try if you want other results. Save photos and upload them to social networks.

Ghost Camera Prank

With this ghost application, you can use Android sensors and radios to detect ghosts, electromagnetic waves, paranormal signals, and scary sounds. Using advanced radars, you will be able to visualize all the paranormal beings in your room, depending on the intensity of the energy, and take a photo and record audio with messages.


  • This app lets you capture free ghost images on your smartphone
  • It has a live camera scanning option that allows you to scan close to you to detect ghosts or spirits quickly
  • This app is only for entertainment so you can easily make pranks with your friends and family by capturing the spirits around you
  • With photos, you can also record voice to text using this app on your smartphone

Ghost Studio

You may not be very convinced by the integrity of these ghost apps, but you can try other options. The developer explains that this is not an entertainment application, so spectral interest is everywhere. First, open the form, and the camera is activated using a motion sensor and radio to detect electromagnetic signals and variation fluctuations. If there is something close, he will capture you with a photo.

ghost studio

With Ghost Studio, you can program photos automatically whenever there is abnormal energy around you. The best thing is this application allows you to record audio while searching for demons, and you can recognize terrible psychophony. Many users claim that they have used the app after feeling abnormal presences and facts in their homes, and the vast majority check, through their photos, that they are paranormal beings. That’s scary!


We love to discover spirits all the time and usually go out in their search all over the office. If you are a fan of paranormal events and would like to live an otherworldly experience, we invite you to try the top applications. But in case you’re skeptical, you can have fun scaring your friends.

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