12 Best Apps to Combine (Collage) Photos for Android & iOS

Photo combine app is necessary because many photos are taken in vain if not posted on social media. Therefore, some users need the best app to combine several photos into one frame and look more practical. There are many photo point adjustment apps for smartphones and computers/laptops due to increasing technological advances. This application can certainly make it easier to combine images because of its simple function. Also, check the best photo resize apps.

best pic collage app

Best Apps to Combine Photos

  1. Pixlr
  2. Moldiv
  3. Pic Stitch
  4. PhotoGrid
  5. Instasize
  6. PicsArt
  7. BlendCollageFree
  8. PicCollage
  9. piZap
  10. Photo Collage Editor
  11. Photoblend
  12. Image Combiner

Well, smartphones and cameras have grown significantly in recent years. Nowadays, it is getting more interesting to see the images you click with the smartphone camera on various social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and others. To make a photo collage on Android, you need to use a collage app. Fortunately, many photo collage apps for Android are available on the Google Play Store.

Pixlr – Best App to Collage Photos

This great app offers you that many photographers love to enhance their work. Well, you can draw, change or delete effects in a specific area. There are many options for your collage too. Amazing effects to help you increase your creativity. It allows you to express your photos using various writing sources. And if that’s not enough, you can also share your tracks with the Pixlr community and have your work visualized by others.

Pixlr Collage Photos

Pixlr is a photo editing app released in 2012 by the developers of 123 RF Limited. Equipped with common functions such as rotating photos (rotating), resizing, etc. We can combine several photos in one frame with different layout types. Apart from that, the app has various restrictions and effects that make photo collages interesting. A feature that many users like is the auto function which can adjust the brightness of photos automatically.


  • Variety of collages, grid style and customized ratio
  • Color Splash and Blur Effects
  • Crop and Resize option
  • Million of Downloads

Moldiv – Best Apps to Combine Photos

About this app, it offers you excellent editing for your photos, collage to collect your photos, filters to customize your photos to show your style, you can also retouch it. Best of all, collages can be made in the best magazine-style and have a great professional camera.


As the title suggests, this app is suitable not only for photo collages but also for beauty cameras. This app is meant to be a universal photo app with everything you could ever want in photography. Apart from this application, a professional photo editor can satisfy all beginners and professionals alike.


  • Combine up to 9 photos in one frame
  • Other Editing Option
  • More than 194 Filters and 13 Themes
  • Easy to use
  • Free

Pic Stitch – Best Image Combiner App

This app, available for iOS and Android, lets you combine beautiful photos in over 250 designs. You can also adjust borders and edit your photos in the style you like the most. And not only that, this app lets you resize your settings, meaning that you have options from 5 × 7 to 16 × 9. You can make your designs inside and much more.

Pic Stitch


  • Easy to use
  • 250+ Different Layouts
  • Free
  • Different Frames and Social Sharing

Photo Grid – Best Photo Grid App

With more than 100 designs to combine your most precious photos, this app gives you a great way to edit your photos. It includes stylish decoration stickers, 2D and 3D effects, great fashion filters, and a pinboard, which is the ultimate freestyle collage. And if you love tattoos but don’t have them yet; This incredible app has tattoo designs that you can use to decorate your photos. If you also like writing on your photos, you can do this in 100+ sources.

Photo Grid


  • Other Option like Rotate, Resize, Blur and etc.
  • Easy to use
  • 20,000 Different Collage templates

InstasizeBest App to Merge Images

This app allows you to associate photos with the person you love the most. Unique and free quality that you can enjoy on Android and iOS devices. You can place your photos in 80+ premium filters and add lots of great backgrounds to your photos or videos.


After editing your photo, you can upload it to any social network. And if your combinations are out of this world, your collage combinations will be awe-inspiring. You can control the colors with great precision.


  • Image & Video Editors
  • Free
  • Other Tools


This application has different features that we can use with different types of creativity. One of the features offered by this application is to make photo collages.


To combine multiple photos into one frame, this app provides exciting instruments, like changing the background of a photo, adding text, stickers, etc. Before editing, the photo collage layout, which is also provided more or less as layout 2, layout 3, layout four, and many more that have different designs.


  • Photo & Video Editors
  • Sticker, Photo Effects & Drawing Tool

Blend Collage Free – Best Collage App

We can make photo collages that cannot be made by combining several photos to make them look harmonious and comfortable. Place photos liberally in the frame so that sometimes you can view photo history in a visible place with family friends or a photo of yourself.

Blend Collage Free

This application is equipped with general photo editing functions. This application also has a unique feature that can be used to remove the outline of a photo so that it looks unified. HD quality photo editing.

PicCollage – Best Pic Collage App

The PicCollage app, apart from editing photo collages, has some interesting features that let you freely choose a photo collage style, take a photo the size of a greeting card, crop photos, add stickers, change the background and draw something on the photo and add one. Add text to the collage with different fonts.


piZap Photo Editor, MEME Maker, Design and Collages

The piZap app has unique features such as creating memes, creating photo collages and designing the photos you want. This application allows us to be creative with the various ideas we have. Equipped with complete tools such as various collage design options; 1.6 million layers for designer photos; Fantastic cutlery; 367 sources; dazzle with 40,500 stickers; Etc.

Photo Collage Editor – Best Photo Collage App for Android

This app available only for Android offers you to place your photos in collages, in the best style with custom borders and with a lot of color. You can edit them in different styles and add special filters for Instagram.

Photo Collage Editor


With unique visual effects, this app is a good choice to combine your photos into one image. The edition will allow you to join two photos and form a single one showing style and elegance in your work.


Image Combiner

If you are still beginners and are learning how to use App to combine photos, this one is right for you. With this application you can easily combine your favorite photos into one and the frame you like the most.

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