6 Best Roommate Finder Apps for Android and iSO (2022)

Enjoy the best apps to find roommates! If you want a roomie, do not hesitate to buy one of these apps. Finding a living room is a challenge, especially when we have the right budget and want the best living conditions. Therefore, there are various apps that you can use to keep your dream home and share an apartment with the person in charge.

Best Roommate Finder Apps

Best Roommate Finder Apps

  1. Badi
  2. Roomster
  3. Nestpick
  4. Pisos
  5. FlatFit
  6. Spotahome

Don’t worry anymore! If you need a nice home and reliable space, these apps will be of great help to you. Browse through the list of the best roommate finder apps below and pick the one that catches the most attention. Don’t hesitate to buy it!

Badi – Rent room and Share Flat

Are you looking for a room in your city? Are you living in a room and planning to share an apartment? Don’t think about it anymore! Badi is the app that you need. With this amazing app, getting a room and sharing floors is a breeze. This app provides you advanced features and gives you a great user experience.

Badi - Rent room and Share Flat

On this digital platform, you can publish your room and wait for possible roomies to arrive, so you can see the profile and characteristics of each room and choose the best perspective. In addition, Badi – Renting a room and sharing an apartment is very easy to use with the application.

Roomster: Roommates, Rooms for Rent

Roomster: Roommate, Room Rental is an app that helps you find apartments, rooms, or houses that you can rent in a shared way. Many people all over the world are using this amazing app to get rooms. This app is a very reliable and effective way to find your house and roommates.


Apart from that, the interface of this app is very nice. You will be able to observe millions of options where to live and study the profiles of your possible roomies. That way you will have everything you need. Create your Roomster account and use the services of one of the best roommate finder apps.

Nestpick:  Renting Flats and Rooms

With this amazing application, you get the best choice of life. If you are looking for an apartment and roommates, this app will be very useful for you. With Nestpick, you can view all rental offers in your area.


What’s more, this app does all the work for you. Trust the capacity of this wonderful app and enjoy the services provided by one of the best floor sharing apps. Many people around the world recommend Nestpick as one of the best apartment search apps.

Pisos.com – Flats and Houses

Find a house easily, quickly, and safely. This excellent app gives you the opportunity to get all possible accommodation offers on your mobile device. Everything is at your fingertips! If you want to find a place to live that suits your needs, pisos.com – Floors and Houses is the app that will help you. You can also bring a roommate to share your expenses.

With this app, you can save the offers that most catches your attention and order them from the one that interests you the most to the one of least interest. Feel free to have this wonderful tool on your mobile device. Without a doubt, pisos.com – Apartments and Homes is a must-have app.

FlatFitBest Roommate Finder for iSO

Are you interested in houses with rooms? FlatFit-Roomies & Quarters is the app you’re looking for. This application offers a variety of housing options. In addition, the app allows you to monitor the profile of everyone looking for a room so you can see in more detail which option is the best.


Spotahome: Flats and Rooms for Rent

Spotahome: Apartments and Rooms for Rent is an excellent tool that can help you find your home easily. If you want to save money, get a room and find accommodation, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! This wonderful app will be very useful in your search.


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