10 Best Sign Language Apps for Android & iPhone in 2022

Who hasn’t had difficulty learning sign language especially when you have to learn it in another language, as you’ll know sign language isn’t universal, but some languages are more spoken than others, like English? Thanks to technological advances and the ingenuity of some people, you can not only learn from others, but also from videos and even very useful applications. Here are some sources.

best app to learn asl

ASL, as American sign language is known, is the way people with hearing and speech impairments communicate with others, whether they have the same condition or not It is our responsibility to learn the meaning of each of your characters if we want to communicate with these people. These best sign language app has excellent teaching methods so that anyone can learn sign language, from easy to advanced.

Best App to Learn Sign Language

  1. ASL American Sign Language
  2. ASL Kids
  3. Sign Language for Beginners
  4. Baby Sign and Learn Lite
  5. Spread Signs
  6. Marlee Signs
  7. Baobab
  8. ASL Dictionary Sign Language
  9. Sign 4 Me
  10. ASL American Sign Language Fingerspelling Game

The way sign language is learned is changing with the times. Sign a sign language course, browse illustrated books, check out websites or videos… it is now possible to learn sign language on your smartphones or tablets.

ASL American Sign Language – Best ASL App

It is one of the best apps to learn about all the basics of sign language, what is used in daily and common conversations. It also provides important information about this language in case you participate in a research project or if you just want to learn more. To do this start by teaching us the alphabet, numbers, and common words or phrases as thank you, please, etc. Use images or small videos to teach ASL, but also use games that combine lessons learned. Download the ASL app on Android & iOS.

ASL American Sign Language

ASL Kids – Best ASL for Kids

It’s a special app for kids that shows videos for infants to learn sign language in the best way. Being for children, there will be no ads of any kind, suggesting that it is very safe because it will not tempt them to go to a site not suitable for them.

ASL Kids

Its interface is very friendly so that any child navigates through it without problems. And it couldn’t be complete if I didn’t offer games for the kids, so you’ll find some to learn with fun. Download the ASL Kids app on Android & iOS.

Sign Language for Beginners

In addition to the basic signs that we probably use every day to communicate, this app displays more advanced symbols linked to people, clothing, colors, questions, health, food, emotions, weather, nature, and more.

sign language for beginners app

So that we can learn faster, the signs are accompanied by images with their meaning. This way we will know how to place our hands correctly and where to move them.

Baby Sign and Learn Lite

Baby Sign surfs this current mode that uses sign language to communicate with a baby or a very young child before learning speech. The easy-to-use app provides a simplified vocabulary with videos to learn them and a multitude of tips. The app is free, it comes with a few starting words. Baby Sign and Learn gives you a sign-based method to communicate with your child. This app will allow you to start learning baby signs in a fun and interactive way with more than 300 signs. Download the Baby Sign and Learn Lite on Android & iOS.

Baby Sign and Learn

Spread Signs – Best Sign Language App for iPhone

This great dictionary of sign language in the world includes more than 100,000 signs! Sign language Swedish, Portuguese, Czech, German, British, Spanish, Turkish, or Lithuanian… plus 17 different sign languages are available.

Spread Signs

Marlee Signs

Want to learn American Sign Language (ASL)? Actress Marlee Matlin will be your teacher. From the alphabet to the basic vocabulary, to the everyday expressions of everyday life, Marlee Maltlin teaches you the basics of THE ASL. In the form of lessons, it will be easy to learn at your own pace.

Marlee Signs


Gallaudet University has developed this application for children to improve their ability to be bilingual. The Baobab is the story of a curious little girl who embarks on a great adventure. In the form of a bilingual interactive tale, this application is rich in illustrations and video in American sign language. In addition to the stories, a 170-word glossary from English to the ASL is also available.

Baobab asl

ASL Dictionary Sign Language – Best ASL Dictionary App

One of the few apps available for Android provides a reference of more than 4,800 signed words. Subscribed words are displayed in easy-to-follow videos. A reviewer of this app was a school bus driver for deaf children, who reported the app as an “excellent tool” for her as well as her helper.

ASL Dictionary Sign Language

Sign 4 Me

A very sophisticated app is a signed English translator and the only smartphone app that uses 3D sign language instruction. Users control the characters and their placement completely, their library contains more than 11,500 words that can be written in sentences, phrases, individually, or in the form of an alphabet. Sign 4 Saves everything to me in your history, allowing easy recovery by date or alphabetically consult later.

Sign 4 Me

ASL American Sign Language Fingerspelling Game

This is an excellent introduction to the sign language alphabet and uses a very clever method to teach the alphabet: it is a memory card game where they show you all the cards and flip them, then, you have to match the correct sign with the card. However, this game is difficult to play even at the easiest level, as it subtracts points for each foul.

ASL American Sign Language Fingerspelling Game

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