11 Best Apps to Resize Photos for Android & iOS (2022)

Today we come across increasingly powerful phones that can almost replace computers for several tasks. They also have better cameras that have made compact digital cameras almost disappear. If we are a lover of photography and we take many photos with our mobile we must know that it is not necessary to pass them to the computer to be able to resize them, since it is something that we can do comfortably with applications intended for it.

Best Apps to Resize Photos

There are some situations where we may need to resize an image on our phone. We can resize and adjust it to post it as a profile picture on our social networks or because we need it for business reasons. That’s why we will tell you the best apps to resize photos size app is for Android and iOS.

Best apps to Resize Photos

Every year smartphone and camera manufacturers find out how to improve their devices. In the photo area, it has increased in size with additional changes, and nowadays images taken with smartphones can weigh up to 10MB or more. If you have a limited data plan, it can affect your month-end usage. So, a photo resizing app will help you a lot.

Adobe Photoshop Express – Best Photo Editor with Resizer

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free photo editor that allows you to resize, crop, and straighten images. It also has filters and effects to improve the appearance of your photos. Adobe Photoshop Express is free to use, but some add-ons are available for purchase. Overall, it’s a fantastic photo editor that serves as a one-stop shop for basic photo edits.

This one is pretty bland and unappealing. If I wanted to edit any of my photos, I would never use this on my phone. This does nothing more than resize the image, which you can do on your computer or phone without using an app.

This app provides a wide range of basic editing features, such as cropping, straightening, and resizing photos. You can also use filters and effects to improve the appearance of your photos. Adobe Photoshop Express is free to use, but some add-ons are available for purchase. Overall, it’s a fantastic photo editor that serves as a one-stop shop for basic photo edits.

Adobe Photoshop Express

One of the reasons I’d use this program is because its free and it does have good reviews even though its just an edited version of what you would get in photoshop. It lets you do the basics and I think that’s all you need for a phone.

Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express is another great photo resizer app that offers a wide range of features for basic editing, including cropping, straightening, and resizing photos. You can also add filters and effects to enhance your photos’ appearance. Pixlr Express is free to use, but you can purchase some add-ons for it. Overall, it’s a great photo editor that is a one-stop shop for basic edits to your photos.

Pixlr Express

Pixlr express is really good and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an app to resize their pictures. It has more features than most and doesn’t really ask for too much in return. I think this is the best option out of any of these.


PicMonkey is a photo editor that lets you add effects to your photos, resize them with their crop tool, and apply different styles to them. It also has filters and borders for you to choose from. PicMonkey is free to use, but you can purchase some add-ons for it. Overall, it’s a decent photo editor that lets you do some basic editing. Picmonkey is alright but I don’t think it does as good of a job as some of the other apps mentioned. It doesn’t have as many features as Adobe or paint.net and there are definitely some other options that work better for this type of thing.

PicMonkey App

Image Size – Best Photo Resizer App

This app is a quick way to resize your photos. All you have to do is specify the output format (pixels, millimeters, centimeters, or inches). There is also a special icon to keep the photo’s aspect ratio while cropping, which we use our finger to perform multi-touch gestures. You can then rotate the image 90° from left to right and adjust the quality of the JPG file. When you’re done cropping, you can save the photo, email it, print it, or share it with your friends.



Image Size

Xnconvert – Best Photo Resizer for iPhone

It is one of the most popular and popular apps for converting photos. With it you can not only crop or resize images, but also easily and quickly compress them, add logos, watermarks or text. XnConvert does not change the original photo, so new photos are made for us to choose according to your understanding. It also stores EXIF ​​metadata and the date the file was originally modified. In addition, we can choose a custom image resolution and create our own templates for batch conversion.




Lit Photo

Another photo resizing app that you will really want to use is Photo Lit, an application that is equipped with a series of functions dedicated to compressing and reducing the size of any photo. However, what surprised us the most was that the loss of size was not associated with a decrease in quality, because at the end of the work it continued to maintain good quality with minor and practically invisible changes. So don’t despair.

Lit Photo

Photo Lit, on the other hand, includes several compression modes, the most popular of which is changing the color profile. It is proven that when a photograph reduces its color spectrum, it manages to lose a lot in its size. Does this mean that my image looks blurry? Of course, no, as we have said before, the visual changes are very minor. You can also work in batches by selecting multiple images and applying the same changes.

Photo Compressor

With this free iOS app, you can reduce the image size and save space on your iPhone. It can compress individual images and multiple or entire albums. It also allows us to adjust the ability to understand JPG images and set the level of understanding to our liking. Another interesting feature is the visualization function so we can check the image quality at any time. Apart from that, it offers a preview of the available space on our iPhone before and after compression.

Photo Compressor app

Photoczip – Compress & Resize

With this tool we can compress and resize all our photos with our Android phone in one step. Among its features, highlighted the ability to edit the metadata of our images in JPG and save labels with original EXIF ​​data. It also allows you to convert images in batches, add watermarks to images, and compress and reduce them to various sizes. In one step we can convert a photo and reduce it to less than 100 KBS.


Pov Compress Photo

If you want a proposal that contains more tools to use, Pov Compressphoto has a lot more to offer than you think. Also, after processing, there is a direct send button to mail, social networks, or messaging apps, in case you don’t want to save it to your cell.

Pov Compress Photo

Pov Compressphoto also supports various export formats including JPG and PNG. Don’t worry about quality as it will keep the best quality when storing or shipping as reducing the size doesn’t reflect much of this detail. Well if you want to resize photos or make them a Facebook cover or YouTube banner, this is one photo resizing app that has all the formats.


Image Reduce

You may need to play around with the settings and make advanced changes that we haven’t mentioned in the App so far to reduce photo size. But that’s why you’ll love Image Reduction because the app includes editing tools that you can use to quickly fix your photos. In fact, you can now change the image aspect ratio to suit social networks or the most popular formats.

Image Reduce

With that in mind, Reduce Image comes with options that let you change the aspect ratio and size of your photos. In this way, the size can also be reduced significantly without losing the quality of the content to be changed. It is very easy to use, although the menu could be friendlier. In any case, if you want to purchase the version without limitations, you will have to buy the application in the store.

Reduce Photo Size

Now, if what you’re really looking for are apps to reduce the size of photos that are limited to the dimensions of the image, then Reduce Photo Size will be a good selection. In fact, this app can not only change the photo size or aspect ratio, but also reduce your weight significantly, even up to 80% for better results. As before, you can share it via email or social networks if you want.

As if that weren’t enough, Reduce Photo Size is very easy to use as it comes with a cropping tool or a grid frame that requires you to scroll or resize the phone screen with your finger or click Crop Photo with its own edges. But the main difference is that you have to manually export or save the results to find them in the gallery or in any file manager.

Image Reduce app


Now that you know all the details about how to resize photos, it’s time for you to choose which app works best for your needs. If pure compression is what you need, then go with Photo Resizer . But if reshaping and resizing are more in line with what you want, then try out Adobe Photoshop Express (or any other editor). You can find them all on this list of top photo apps!

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      Resizing a photo is a small feature that is why it is ignored by many famous photos editor. I have tried many photo editors but not find it in anyone.


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