6 Best Twitch Chat Apps for Streamers in 2022

Twitch chat apps are becoming increasingly popular. These apps have significantly improved the Twitch experience. During a live stream, people can communicate with one another. Live chats have enhanced the experience.

Best Twitch Chat App

Many people continue to believe that Twitch is only for gamers. However, it has expanded far beyond this tagline. There are a plethora of non-gaming streams available on Twitch these days. Streaming has reached its pinnacle. Here we also mentioned best chat apps with translator.

Best Twitch Chat App

What are the Top Twitch Chat Apps for 2022? Let us now look at some of the most popular apps for this purpose. I’ve compiled a list of the best twitch chat apps available for you to choose from. Take a look at them by clicking here!

Discord – Best App for Twitch Chat

Discord is a popular messaging app that has taken the world by storm. This chat app can be used for a variety of purposes. Discord can be used to chat with friends or to create a group chat. But it has evolved into so much more. Nowadays, more and more people are using it to stream on Twitch. Let us now look at how you can use it for streaming.

discord link in twitch chat

How to use it?

First, install the Discord app on your device. It is free to download and available on both Android and iOS. It is compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows.

Then launch the app and create an account by providing a username, email address, and password. You are not required to use your email address for this. You can even generate a random username and password.

Add the Twitch Account

After creating an account, you must now add your Twitch account. To do so, navigate to “Connections” by selecting the small “settings” icon. There will be a link to connect Discord to Twitch. To finish, click “Connect” and then follow the on-screen directions.

Join a Server

Now that your accounts are linked, you can decide what you want to do next. You can either start your own server or join one that already exists. Creating a server necessitates the creation of a role. You can add other people to the role and perform various streaming-related operations on the server, such as muting, kicking, and banning.

Streaming & Viewer Tools

Discord has various tools that can be used for streaming purposes. Firstly download it onto your browser by following this link. After that, go into the channel and click on the “Streamer mode” icon. Clicking on this makes all messages from viewers appear as a different colour. This makes it easy to distinguish between messages from your friends and those from people who have joined the chat just for watching the stream.




Chatterino – Best Twitch Chat App for Windows

Chatterino allows you to watch your favorite streamers and interact with other viewers from the comfort of your browser. It’s intended to be light and unobtrusive, with no need to alt-tab between games or exit fullscreen mode.

Chatterino Twitch

The best part is that it is entirely free! There will be no signups or fees for the rest of your life.


Chatterino is an unofficial Twitch chat client written in HTML, Javascript, and CSS. It works by redirecting the user away from the official Twitch website and into its webview with a unique URL that keeps their login session intact. Once loaded, it appears to be the same as if you were in Twitch on your desktop browser.

I’ve been using Chatterino for a while now, and I must say that I adore it! It’s much faster and easier to use than the official Twitch chat. It’s also great for multi-streaming because you can monitor multiple chats at once.

StreamElements – Best Twitch Chat App for Streamers

StreamElements is a desktop application that can be used to stream to Twitch. It has so many tools and features that it can be intimidating at first. However, once you begin using it correctly, you will realize how many options it has. The best thing about this app is that everything, including the chat, runs like clockwork.

StreamElements app

How to use it?

First, go to the StreamElements official website and download it to your device. The setup file is small, so it shouldn’t take long.

Then, launch the app and sign in with your Twitch account credentials. This will link your accounts automatically. Once everything is in place, launch any game on your PC and begin streaming.

Then, open the chat in your browser or desktop app for a smooth live chat experience. There are numerous options for customizing the stream as well as the chat itself. Everything works flawlessly, including all of the features designed specifically for chats. It is guaranteed that if you use this, you will have an excellent chat experience.


Twitch Livestream

Twitch Livestream is a full-featured Android app that allows you to stream on Twitch. However, by inserting a widget into the video player, viewers can chat during live streams. The chat works very well, and there are various features that you can tailor to your specific requirements. If you want to have the best Twitch chat experience possible, this is the app to use.

Twitch Livestream


The setup procedure is straightforward and takes only a few minutes to complete. But first, ensure that your PC and phone are both connected to the same WiFi network. Then, download the app to your phone and launch it. It will connect to your Twitch account automatically.


The chat is simple to use, but you can customize the settings to suit your needs. This makes it easier for you to provide a great experience for your viewers during the live stream. And they’ll be overjoyed with this app because you’re not forcing them to use an external website or any other external service to chat. Everything is possible within Twitch Livestream, which is why it is so great!




StreamJar (RainMaker)

RainMaker is a app designed specifically for Twitch streaming. This app includes some unique features that are not found on any other platform or competitor app. It has many useful features and allows you to provide your viewers with a smooth streaming experience. Not only does the chat have many useful tools, but the app itself has many useful tools that will help you organize everything according to your needs.


Log in with your Twitch credentials, and it will connect to your account automatically. Following that, you can begin streaming on Twitch. When the broadcast begins, the app will display the number of viewers who are currently online.

The app is simple to use, but it does require some technical knowledge to become acquainted with all of its tools. If you are inexperienced, you may encounter some difficulties when using StreamJar. But don’t be concerned! You can always contact the support team, and they will be happy to assist you.

If you want to have a great chat experience, then you should check out Rain Maker. It provides smooth performance and allows your viewers to chat during the live stream easily. It’s also simple to organize your channels as well as the channels of other users.

Streamlabs Chatbot – Best Twitch Chat App Software

Streamlabs Chatbot is one of the most popular apps for streaming on Twitch. It offers an excellent live streaming experience, and all of its features are simple to use. However, if you want an additional tool with features designed specifically for Twitch streaming, Streamlabs Chatbot is worth looking.

Streamlabs Chatbot twitch


It can add features like a tipping system, goal alerts, donation alerts, and many others. The app has great-looking animations that make it appear even better when used. This tool’s design is cool, and it also has a great layout.

All of these apps have fantastic features that allow users to stream on Twitch and enjoy it to the fullest. So, if you want to try out any of these apps, click on their names and download them right away! You can select the best Twitch chat app based on your tastes and preferences.


There are a number of great twitch chat apps out there, but the ones that work best for you will depend on what your goals are. The two most popular options are TwitchAlerts and Nightbot. If you want to increase engagement with your viewers, we recommend using either one of these tools as they can help notify people when new videos go live or interact with them by answering questions in chat. For those looking to monetize their stream, even more, we suggest adding an affiliate link so users can purchase products directly from within the app itself!


Is there an app for Twitch chat?

There are a number of different chat apps that work with Twitch, but some of the most popular options include Discord, Twitch Livestream, & Rain Maker. Each of these apps has their own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose the one that will work best for you. For example, if you want a chat app that is geared towards gamers, Discord would be a good choice. If you need a more business-oriented chat app, Slack would be a better option.

Ultimately, the best Twitch chat app is the one that works best for you and your needs. So take some time to explore the different options and find the one that is right for you. Happy chatting!

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