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Knowing the shortest route to each country can save you a lot in your daily life. Especially if you have several stops in different parts of your city every day, it is imperative to optimize each tour to its full potential. This way, you can get everything done in the shortest possible time and thereby increase your efficiency and productivity. Besides, who doesn’t want to come home as soon as possible after a tiring day? Although many car navigation devices are available, offering almost all smartphones and navigation applications, the most common routes for delivery drivers still come with free online maps.

Best Route Planner Apps for Delivery Drivers

Luckily, there are tons of free apps out there that you can use to plan tours and make travel plans. In this article, we present the top 8, starting with the worst (in our opinion) and ending with the best. We evaluate this based on app ratings, user feedback, and the app’s various features.

Best Route Planner Apps for Delivery Drivers

  1. MyRoute
  2. Route4Me
  3. Circuit
  4. Waze
  5. Google Maps
  6. Falk Route Planner
  7. ViaMichelin Route Planner
  8. MySmartRoute

The advantages of classic city maps and atlas navigation are clear: the computer calculates the route, explaining the fastest steps to activate (ideally) a good estimate of how long the journey will take. Printed and taken here is the silver ball, which is best surrounded by a passenger who can determine direction without focusing on the print on the steering wheel. Online services are often insufficient for casual travelers who have to plan routes several times a year.

MyRouteBest Route Planner App


This app allows you to make your routes, routes in a simple and intuitive way. This is a small but powerful app that can be very useful for a wide variety of outdoor activities, whether for entertainment or business purposes. For example, if you plan to walk, it is best to plan your route before leaving. However, if you need to ship products to multiple homes today, planning the most efficient way is a good idea.

My Routes uses Google Maps technology to show your current location and a map of your area. Whether you go horse riding, cycling, or walking, it’s useful to plan each tour as short and fast as possible. You can also design your own route and let the voice of the smart assistant guide you.

Route4Me – Best Route Planner App with Multiple Stops


Route4Me app is easy to use and allows you to automate and optimize the journeys you have to take day by day, so you can grow your business almost without realizing it. It is an app that allows you to release the stress of having to plan a route daily because it does so in seconds in an excellent way.

Simply type, copy, and paste or upload the list of addresses to which you should go. Then, if it’s a business, select the number of drivers you have available for deliveries and tap “optimize”. Ready! In less than 10 seconds you’ll have an optimized route to make the most of your time.



The Circuit is an app that takes your route or list of stops to visit and automatically rearranges them in the most efficient order. Avoid crossing the road again when unnecessary or driving more than necessary. This app promises to save a few hours a day and make your laps 30% faster.

View the estimated arrival times for each stop on your route, which is automatically updated as you continue on the road. This functionality is ideal when you need to go to a specific location at a particular time. The only bad thing is that you have to buy a subscription to use Circuit after the free trial.

Waze – Best Route Planner App for Delivery Drivers


Waze is an app that has gained a lot of space and popularity in recent months, making it the world’s largest community navigation app. This application lets you determine the best route of travel each day with other drivers’ help in real-time. By downloading Waze, you can join forces with other drivers in your area to share information about roads and traffic in the area. It saves time and fuel on the go every day.

In this way, millions of drivers work together to achieve the same goal: avoiding traffic jams and finding the best route every day. While it’s a slightly different app from the one we saw in this selection, Waze allows you to optimize your daily route and plan your route in a very efficient way.

Google Maps Route – Best free Route Planner

Google Maps Route Planner

When the search engine dominates the market, and the first way in route planning often results in Google Maps. If only to briefly assess how long it takes to do a lap or how many kilometers must be overcome. But data specialist Google can convince its content: The test of the independent side of the December 2010 Google Maps could take first place among route planners. You can view a map on the Google Maps option for each driving statement in the pre-print preview. Thanks to the interface, web pages can also be tailored to their needs, making their directions with Google Maps.

Falk Route Planner

Falk Route Planner

Patented Falk map specialist also offers free route planning. Apart from necessary functions such as distance and trip, you can also calculate travel costs (including tolls) and fuel costs (depending on usage). Falk’s route planner also offers several additional functions, such as hotel reservations and activity information.

ViaMichelin Route Planner

ViaMichelin Route Planner

ViaMichelin is on our list next to Falk, the second route planner that the editor from Business Maps and guide. Thus, the offer is of high quality and offers a selection of the Best Tourist Hotspot and Economics. Road, also tourist stops along the route and recommendations from course gourmet restaurants. As well: motorcyclists and cyclists get their own routes on offer.


With My Smart Route, you can easily plan a route with multiple points from your smartphone. If you are a dealer or the like, you will need to ship orders to a different address. My Smart Route is probably the application for you. The complex application system allows you to import details for your customers (such as an address, delivery time, etc.).

mysmartroute app

You can also add these details yourself. The application then applies its advanced route optimization algorithm to the information you have entered. The result is an optimal route that maximizes your resources and allows you to reach your destination as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Google Maps is not always available: ViaMichelin and Falk route planners offer several additional functions. It’s also a matter of habit and whether a person is interested in other opportunities or wants to achieve a goal. In any case, we wish you a good and safe journey.

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