8 Best Compass Apps for Android & iOS (Updated 2022)

If you want to leave home or visit a new place to refresh your mind, you can’t because you don’t know the routes. You do not visit unknown places because you do not know the correct address. When faced with this problem, you need a compass to help you know the right direction.

If you have a smartphone, you don’t have to carry further compass devices. You can easily install the compass app on your smartphone that can use GPS and magnetic fields to determine the correct address. In this article, we list the top 8 best compass apps for Android and iOS users. All of these apps are tested and give correct results on smartphones.

best app for compass

Compass is one of the best things you can bring for your adventure or escape from nature. If you want to take an adventure trip without a compass, this is not an adventure trip as planned. However, in the world of modern technology, compasses are out of date because smartphones and GPS devices are on the market and most people want to use smart devices like smartphones instead of carrying this useful compass. You might want to use the compass on your smartphone.

Best Compass Apps

Compass has long been found by China as a giant device. A compass is only for research purposes, so normal people cannot use a compass. It was later redesigned and modified as a small pocket device, but not for all normal people. Because of this problem, ordinary people cannot visit new and unknown places. With this in mind, we have included the best compass app for Android and iOS users that you can use to find the exact address on your smartphone for free.

Compass 360 Pro – Best Compass App for Android

Compass 360 is the best compass app for Android users that can help you to determine the exact location of your device. This is a free and user-friendly Android app for outdoor activities such as travel, picnics, camping, hiking, or boating. It was designed as a professional compass that provides real and accurate results for your smartphone. One of the best features of this application is Magnetic and True North available, so you can use it as a detector research application to get information about magnetic fields.

Best Compass App for Android

The app that we show is simple but very useful for our needs. They provide the basic data expected from each compass and a little more. Most of them use an internal GPS system on Android phones and allow us to share our location with some social features that are often used by campers, coast guards, and outdoor sports enthusiasts.



  • Easy to use
  • Professional Design
  • GPS integrated System
  • Use Magnetic field and Ture North Direction
  • Decimal bearing offer detailed orientation
  • Cardinal recruiting is a quick way to give general instructions to others


  • Free App
  • No internet connection required
  • Support many languages


  • Contain Ads when connecting to the internet

Smart Compass – Best App for Compass Direction

Smart Compass is one component of the Smart Tools package and is used to control the use of magnetic sensors that are on your mobile. This application has several interesting functions: it has a metal detector and allows GPS information to be sent via SMS and email. Smart Compass has a built-in sensor for speed sensors and displays vertical lines for Lensatic compass and magnetic field diagrams. This app has various types of coordinates (UTM) and military coordinates (MGRS).

Best App for Compass Direction

With the camera, the app covers the compass screen with clear images, which makes field orientation easier. This allows you to determine the highlight of your current screen location, it is in the desired direction and can then be activated. In addition to the compass, the app also displays the inversion tone values, and this is the tone, ie the slope of the spatial axis. It is recommended to display the strength of the magnetic field (expressly, magnetic flux density). Near interference fields or at high temperatures, this value deviates significantly from the earth’s natural magnetic field, this app warns of predictable wrong results.



  • Use all different type of direction such as Decimal, UTM, MGRS, and Degree
  • Email and SMS support
  • Easy to use


  • Free
  • Efficient and Accurate
  • Allow you to share your location


  • Contain ads in free version
  • Full features are available in the pro version

Commander Go Compass – Best Compass app for iOS

For its great utility, very few apps can be compared to the GPS Pro Altimeter. That’s almost everything you need to build a navigation app, and maybe more. Only in your basic navigation mode, you have information about distance, direction, elapsed time, speed, and total elapsed time. However, this is only a scratch on the surface that can be done by this application.

Best Compass app for iOS


One of the most useful features is the variety of maps available for use with a compass. You can choose between standard topographic maps, aerial photographs, or hybrid maps to achieve what you want. It shows your altitude and can even show an estimate of your GPS accuracy so you know if you are of course a little.




  • Tracks data about speed, distance, time, location, and address
  • Allows you to share your data, as well as starting and ending points
  • A real full-featured navigation tool that can save you from several problematic situations


  • 3D Navigation
  • Free
  • Easy to use


  • Have Ads

Gyro Compass – Best Gyro Compass App

Gyro Compass is one of the best and most popular Gyro compass apps for Android and iOS users. If you want a compass on your cellphone that is identical to a real compass, you need Gyrocompass. This is definitely the best-emulated compass you can get for your smart device. Easy to use and very powerful as a classic navigation assistant.

Gyro Compass - Giroscopio

Like a real compass, you can use it to determine the true north, magnetic north, and compass bearings. Even displays the magnetic force, so you can be sure that the display is accurate. It has a slope indicator like some of the best standard compasses on the market and a frame that can be rotated and used as a real physical compass. This is truly an application for those who like classic navigation. Use the magnetic field and point it north so you can easily get another direction.



  • User-friendly app with all functions
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Free


  • Ads

Digital Compass

Digital Compass is a popular and useful kompass app for Android users that allows you to surf. We don’t need to talk much about all the compass options that Google Play offers us. You will especially love the digital compass if your style is minimal and you are looking for apps that don’t consume all of your mobile device’s resources. The function of Digital Compass is integration into Google’s map system, with which you can give your address search fewer contexts. Use this compass when you really feel lost and don’t want to complicate your life with complex general data choices such as north or south.

Digital Compass apk

This is a simple north direction indicator app that gives you north direction. Before you can use this application, your device must have a built-in compass sensor. In addition to the compass, you also have a metal detection option to bring the metal closer to you.



  • Free to Download
  • Show True North and Magnitude
  • Don’t use other resources of Phone
  • Can integration into Google’s map


  • Ads reduced the user experience

Marine Compass – without Magnetic Sensor

As the name suggests, the marine compass can be used to understand our situation at any time from your mobile. This application supports 3D themes so you can watch traditional or more modern and colorful compasses. The marine compass shows your location using the GPS terminal system and under your head, it shows the latitude and longitude of where you are.


best compass app for android without magnetic sensor


This is new but as popular as the other compass apps in this list. When you start the application, the digital compass can be calibrated first, and then the compass screen is opened. Apart from the screen orientation and sensor accuracy, this can no longer be adjusted. For magnetic and geographical North Poles – if we accept GPS and data connections.

best kompass app

In addition, this compass is certainly very quickly applied because of its simple appearance. This corresponds to the clear screen of the compass, you must be satisfied with the compass. This application is also presented in HD quality with simplicity and clarity. You must keep your smartphone parallel to the floor to get the right results. After completing your goal, a red arrow will appear for the destination you specified. Warnings are displayed with their code with complete instructions in this application.



Compass∞ – Best True North Compass App

Compass∞ is an innovative new compass that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide users with the most accurate and reliable ture north compass. By automatically correcting for magnetic declination, Compass∞ ensures that users always have the most accurate heading information, no matter where they are in the world. This app is only available for iOS.


  • Ture North Finder
  • Compass
  • Navigation
  • Temperature
  • Free

What you need to know about the Compass app:

  • Not all smartphones have a built-in compass sensor. Check the manual.
  • Smartphones, directions are also determined by GPS and direction of movement, but they can cause inaccurate results.
  • Invite you to download the application before you come out in nature. In cases where you have an internet connection, you can do it later.
  • Compass applications can indicate inaccuracies or inaccuracies if your phone is close to metals or interference, e.g. B. Power lines and cables.
  • The compass application is not a substitute for outdoor tours. You also need to know how to face the sun or constellations.


We hope you found this article helpful and that it has shown you how easy it is to find your bearings, even in the most unfamiliar surroundings. With a compass app on your smartphone, there’s no need to carry any other devices – just make sure your phone is charged up and you’re good to go! Have you ever used a compass app before? If so, what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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