7 Best Animation Apps for Android & iOS (Updated 2022)

There are times when it is not so easy and convenient to create animations for ordinary people. But now that times have changed a lot, you can easily create the best animations and GIFs on your smartphone with the top animation apps. Animation is a process created by many animators to create the impression of movement of images, animals, characters, people, and more. With this application, you can easily create perfect animated videos with photos from your gallery. Check out Best Android Games not on Play Store.

best apps for animation

You can also use the animation application as a cartoon application to take animated photos of friends, family, and others. As we know, animation is now used legally in all areas, and it’s straightforward to create animations that are perfect for everyone. Every year we see how films, series, cartoons, and drawings have a wider reach, especially among children. If you like film and television and want to do your animation work, you need to take courses, have a full career, or download the best Animation Apps for Android.

Best Animation Apps for Android & iPhone

Are you looking for an application that allows you to create animations or perfect animations with your character? Here in this article, we list the 7 best and most famous animation apps for Android and iOS users. With this application, you can easily create perfect animations and images on your smartphone. Making fun memes and scribbles are fun for most people, but they think about how to do it. With the animation apps, you can take notes, drawings, and more in a shorter amount of time without the expertise to create animations. See the best apps for animation that you in your Android and iOS devices.

FlipaClip – Best Animation App

FlipaClip is an animated animation app developed by Visual Blasters LLC for Android and iOS users. It’s time to maximize your drawing skills. Every animation producer does a good job, an opportunity that FlipaClip uses to offer you the best apps. With the frame-by-frame technique, you need to make moving images to create a finished film. Use a catalog of brushes of various sizes, colors, and textures, including pressure sensitivity technology.




Additionally, you can work with FlipaClip with the layer system and create up to 10 images to control animated objects better. Be prepared to use automatic movement and animation lists that can improve your perception. Add background audio to the soundtrack and record your voice by doing your dubbing. Once done, you can save your project in an editable format or export it in full HD to share it with everyone. You relive your childhood and can express your creativity or professional skills in a much more relaxed way.

Best Animation App


  • You can quickly draw yourself using a single drawing animation.
  • You can import, add, and delete audio to create unique animated videos.
  • It supports the most common formats such as MP4, GIF, and IMAGE SEQ so that you can create animations in standard file formats.
  • Download from free at the Play Store and App Store
  • Use ten layers in the pro version.

PicsArt Animator – Top Animation App

PicsArt Animator is a GIF and video creation application that allows you to create animations and animated films on your Android or iOS device. With the best Cartoon Network style, you can now make funny cartoons with this application. PicsArt offers a powerful animation studio with editable images and templates. With frame-by-frame technology, you can control every movement of your work by adding the duration that you think is appropriate and copying, moving, and eliminating what you don’t like. You can also use photos and drawings from the Internet to draw and show.




On the other hand, PicsArt offers you an entire catalog of stickers and stickers that can edit so you can animate. You will find emojis, dogs, houses, and strollers that you can add movement to and make it part of your job. Be prepared to add a soundtrack to your movie, upload audio and sound effects stored on your cellphone, and make sound recordings to synchronize individually on projects.

Top Animation App


  • You can easily click on the screenshot with your 3D camera application and create amazing animated videos on your smartphone.
  • The play mode option allows you to draw an animation frame by frame and see the animation timeline.
  • This application contains sophisticated drawing and sketching tools that allow you to make beautiful animated videos for free.
  • You can also use layered layers for complex animations and control the animation’s length and speed.

Animation Desk

Animation Desk is another animation application that allows you to create animations and images on an Android or iOS device. Maybe you prefer the most reliable natural tool you have: your hand. Animation Desk is a powerful application that serves to make professional freehand animations. You have a full canvas with frames to paint the components of your work frame with frames to achieve the required movement effect. You will find a catalog of tools, including brushes of various sizes, a color palette with opacity for editing, and more.




In the meantime, Animation Desk allows you to work for the advanced layer system, where you can segment the compounds in your drawing. Use special drawing techniques and change the length and speed of each frame to achieve several effects. If necessary, you can also upload photos or images from your gallery to draw above. Save the project to continue later, or share it in MP4 format to upload it to the network.

best apps for animation


  • Animation Desk is a free, easy-to-use application that makes it easy to frame animations or create animations on videos, images, or PSD layers.
  • There are more than 45 different styles that you can use to create unique animations in various shapes.
  • One of the best features of this application is to import videos and photos into your animation and create multi-layer animations.

Stop Motion Studio – Best App for Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Studio is a popular animation app for Android and iOS users that allows you to make animated videos on your device. Having a professional and real animation studio is an opportunity that Stop-Motion offers you. Stop Motion Studio is a complete and powerful application that lets you make your animated film using the classic technique of the same name. All you have to do is look for characters, assemble landscapes in real life, and then achieve magic with your device because the built-in camera captures every move you make, frame by frame.




With that in mind, Stop Motion includes several tools to help you get better results when recording your project. When starting, you will get a video tutorial that explains how to use the application. After you prepare all the material, you can edit it. Add sounds and effects, record sounds for dubbing, cut the film if you don’t like the part, and create results, filters, and transitions. You can even make your cartoon posters, so that’s good for everyone!

Best Apps for Stop Motion Animation


  • Stop Motion Studio is the most comfortable application to stop movies while on the go.
  • It is an ideal tool for Android and iOS users.
  • It is also used as a slow-motion video application to make a slow-motion video with various options from a video editor.
  • This application has many interesting functions that greatly simplify stop-motion video.
  • It has different modes like overlay mode, raster mode, default movie editor, and more.

Stick Fighter – Best Animation Apps for Beginners

Stick Fight is the best animation apps for beginners that makes it easy to download animated games on your Android or iOS device. Stick animations abound on websites like YouTube, but fun – and bloody – is rampant. With Stick Fighter, you can make your cartoons using the Stick Cartoon folder. Unlike previous animation apps, the style of movement is used in the direction in which you can move through the points. Make the most epic battle films and battles that use pre-made cannon to save work.




With this animation application, you can create animated films, record them in stop motion, use frame-by-frame technology, draw animated tracks, add special effects, filters, and sounds, record your synchronization and move the stick. Use what you have; stickers are drawn and animated. Use the tool folder, which contains brushes and brushes with different diameters and colors, and use the paper tool bulb to get better results in your work.

Best Animation Apps for Beginners


  • It comes with free options and purchase options with different functions so that you can get different animation options.
  • Stick Fight is a great application that offers physics-based online fighting games.
  • You can also use it as a free WiFi game to use it as an offline game.
  • It offers fun battles with up to 3 friends, 100 fun cards, dozens of fun weapons like snake pulling arms or exploding bombs, and unlimited ways to die.
  • Make the most epic battle films and battles that use pre-made cannon to save work.

Animate it – Best Animation Apps for iOS

Don’t worry if you hate how complicated and difficult an animation app is because Animate It runs fast and with little effort. It means you don’t need to draw, edit, or use traditional animation techniques frame by frame. The application gives you all character scripts that you can customize with clothes, provide tools, load items, and make unique designs with buildings, houses, etc.


Based on that, Animated It works in a 3D design style where you only need to determine the path of movement, both the character and limbs and even the camera. You can use your finger to sketch the way where your animated object moves. You then have to draw the animation part for the arms, head, eyes, legs, and even the objects they carry. Save your work in MP4 format and share it with all your friends.

Best Animation Apps for iOS


  • Easy to use
  • Only available for iOS

Toontastic – Best Cartoon Animation App

Toontastic is one of the best animation applications developed by Google for Android and iOS users. Toontastic is the perfect application that allows you to draw, animate, and tell your pictures on your smartphone. It’s easy to use an app where you have to move your character on the screen and tell your story. Toontastic records your sound and animation and saves it as a 3D video on your device. It has fantastic 3D drawing tools that allow you to design your character for free.



Best Cartoon Animation App


  • Use for Cartoon Animation
  • Free
  • User Interface
  • 3D Tools


Being a professional animation creator is a simple task, thanks to these animation apps. With it, you can create characters, add objects, draw backgrounds, or use original photos to create amazing animated films. You can add several special effects, sounds, and visuals that you can enjoy easily. You can also save your work in video or GIF format at any time to share your creation on social networks or videos.

We try these great animation apps, so we decided to give you an idea of ​​the best apps that you can use to make animated films from your smartphones. With them, you only need to try each tool and download enough to get amazing results in minutes. Then upload to YouTube, and you will see how receptive you are.

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