Overcoming the Fear of Always Being Sober

Rather than talk about difficult emotional issues, there’s an impulse to bury or ignore them. And in the meantime, being sober will allow you to make more meaningful, lasting friendships based around ‘real’ things as opposed to intoxicated interactions. Letting other people down is a common fear even if you don’t have close bonds with others. You may feel that way about an employer, for example.

  • Addressing fears in recovery is important because, despite being mere flights of imagination, fears have the power to derail many of your recovery efforts.
  • As we get mature, we need to learn healthy ways to deal with the pain and difficulties that life can throw at us.
  • Finding an addiction treatment center with aftercare planning services can help you overcome your fears of long-term sobriety.
  • You are encouraged to report negative side effects of drugs to the FDA.
  • You’ll have some tough days, but they are temporary.

Alternatively, you may think following a healthy lifestyle will be too challenging. The prospect of changing your habits completely can, indeed, seem quite daunting. However, addiction treatment involves support in this respect.

Fear of a Life Without Drugs or Alcohol

Everyone can make the life they want and deserve, but only they can make it happen. Getting sober will help you get closer to those goals. Those who are overly pessimistic and say, “I’m going to be miserable forever,” will inevitably fail.

  • Working with a support group and a sponsor after you leave rehab is a great way to keep your sobriety intact.
  • Every person faces fear at various times in their lives.
  • Most people dont consciously self-sabotage, but they have a deeply held belief that they dont deserve to succeed and, in so believing, never really put forth their best effort.
  • Besides, judging someone for not drinking alcohol is stupid, and you don’t need to be cool with that person anyway.
  • For example, severe alcohol withdrawal can be deadly without medical treatment.

Recover from addiction at home with medication, community, and support—from the nonjudmental experts who really care. Fear is the biggest barrier to change, fear of being sober even if that change is for the better and will improve our lives. There is no doubt that getting sober is a daunting prospect — it’s terrifying.

What’s Behind Singapore’s Increasing Demand for Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

If you are ready to begin your sobriety journey, Evoke Wellness is available to help. We understand how scary it can be to commit to long-term sobriety, especially if you have never been sober before and you have no idea what to expect. The good news is that the majority of our staff members have been exactly where you are now, and they know exactly what you are going through. To begin your journey of sobriety or to learn more about what exactly that journey entails, pick up the phone and give us a call today. During your individual counseling and group sessions, your emotions may feel overwhelming.

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