How to Customize Google Forms

We’re going to take a look at some of the new ways you can customize your Google Forms. Let’s go ahead and start with a blank quiz. And like before, you can rename it whatever you like.

How to Customize Google Forms

Let’s call it Sample Quiz 10. And just as before, in our menu on the right-hand side, let’s set our preferences. And we can arrange a default point value.

how to customize google forms

Let’s say it’s 10 points per quiz question. Now, here’s where the new customizations come in. Click on Customize a Theme, and we can now choose our header image. And you’ve been able to do this in the past.

Upload a Photo

You can upload your photographs if you’d like. You can use any of these default options as well. So I’m going to upload one. I’ll upload it from my computer here. Let’s say I want to use this day on the water photograph that I have. And I can crop it like so. And now, Google will automatically apply a theme color. But if I don’t like what they’ve applied, I can choose a different color. I can even go in and use further customization options like this one.

How to Customize Google Forms With Themes

Color Options

Let’s add that. And so now we’ve changed that theme color. We’ve changed our background color as well. We’ll see some different options there. And finally, we can change our font style.

Font Styling

Now, font styles’ opportunities are still somewhat limited, but we can use playful style, formal, decorative, or necessary. Let’s use legal. And now we’re done. So that’s how you can customize the look of your Google Forms.

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