11 Best Apps to Weight Gain for Android & iOS in 2022

akThe weight gain apps are beneficial to track lifestyle habits such as calorie intake and exercise. These weight gainer app can be download and use on your mobile device. These weight gainer apps help you to stay motivated to achieve goals by unique features, such as financial awards and support forums. The app of weight loss is not only easy to use, but many of its advantages are supported by scientific knowledge.

Several studies have shown that self-monitoring can encourage weight loss by increasing awareness of your habits and progress. Here are the best weight-loss apps that can help you lose unwanted weight.

Best Apps to Weight Gain

It sounds like a lie, but it’s closer than if we have to undress and look weird everywhere. To help you, we present the 11 best Android weight loss apps.

Best Apps to Gain Weight

  1. Lose it!
  2. MyFitnessPal
  3. Yazio
  4. MyNetDiary
  5. LifeSum
  6. Weight Controller
  7. FatSecret
  8. Assistant Diet
  9. Fooducate
  10. My Diet Coach
  11. Easyfit

Lose it!Best Weight Gain App

If you want to lose/gain weight, Lose it! The necessary support in your weight loss program is one of the most downloaded international applications on this issue. With a simple and attractive user interface, you get a useful tool for tracking calorie consumption, a database of positive activities for your goals, and food properties. You can also connect to their social networks where they can share their impressions and opinions about the best way to lose weight.


best weight gain apps

Lose it, is intended for everyone who is just worried about weight loss. It offers the ability to enter the dates of the food you eat and the calories they contain to give you alternative plans to reduce calories significantly. You can share your results and follow up with friends for additional motivation to lose weight.


MyFitnessPal – Best Calorie Counter App

MyFitnessPal contains more than 2,000,000 foods and dishes with relevant nutritional information in its database, so you immediately know how many calories you consume. You can even do it through a barcode reader. It also shows you a good set of cardiovascular exercises to support your diet. And if you want, share your experience with other calorie counters to get perfect results.


Best Calorie Counter App

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker is the most popular diet control app for Android and iPhone devices. Accessing nutrition information or your favorite food diet are some of the ways offered by this platform. Also, it has a calorie counter, and you can get a personal report about the development of your diet.


YazioCalorie Counter, Nutrition Diary & Diet Plan

When you open the application for the first time, enter details such as age, height, and weight. You can take a screen where you will ask what your goals are. Here you can determine your target weight, how fast it must be achieved? You then have a “calorie budget,” which is the number of calories you need to consume every day to reach your goals, and your only job is to add food, activities, and body values ​​(PRO only).


best app for weight gain

Yazio is a free application that allows you to track your mobile calorie consumption by monitoring it easily. By keeping track of the foods you eat every day, you can see your progress in a table and a summary of your daily diet. As above, this includes a barcode scanner to register new products and foods. It offers a food database that is rich in calorie and nutritional information. You can choose from more than 200 sports in your daily physical activity.


MyNetDiaryBest Weight Tracking App

Similar to MyFitnessPal, MyNetDiary monitors your daily food and then tracks your calorie intake accordingly. If you enter further details such as age, gender, height, current weight, and target weight, the application will create a “calorie budget” that you must consume every day to reach your desired goal. You can also record your exercise routine with calorie and weight analysis graphically. You can add photos before and after you to stay motivated. You can also link your Google Fit account to exchange data between the two apps.


Best Weight Tracking App

MyNetDiary is a database of dishes and recipes introduced by developers and users. It makes this application an essential source of information about the nutritional properties of thousands of meals. With this best weight tracking app, you can track exercise, diet, and more. And if there is food that does not contain any information, you can send product images that will provide you with all possible data.


LifeSumBest Weight Gain Diet App

This app shows you how you can eat on time, eat healthily. Lifesum has an attractive user interface and monitors how often you exercise and what you consume every day. The fantastic feature of this application is that you can create a health profile that stores personal information and diet information. After you enter your diet information, Lifesum offers nutritional advice. Very easy! You can even monitor your measurements, including your arms, chest, and waist.


Best Weight Gain Diet App


You can use Liefesum by entering your necessary information such as age, height, current weight, and target weight. You can then choose how long you want to reach your goal. Your daily calorie goals will vary. After everything is set, it will take to your calorie log. You can even scan food with your barcode. Finally, when you add food products, you can see the macro breakdown.


Weight Controller – Best Weight Control App for Android

With “Weight Controller,” you can not only control your weight but also achieve the desired fitness. It allows you to track your influence when traveling comfortably. Add food to the recipe compiler and quickly find a total to ensure you don’t overeat or follow a strict plan.

Best Weight Control App

Just set personal goals and make a structured plan. You can share your achievements or progress with your friends and even ask for tips to improve your growth.



FatSecret is another calorie counter app with all the tools you need to help you reach your diet goals. It easily records everything you eat and contains nutritional information about calories from food, certain products from food brands, supermarkets, and restaurants. You can use it to take food pictures and edit new foods that are not in your database. You can also record the exercise and exercise you do every day to compare it with the calories you burn.


fatsecret apk

Like MyFitnessPal, the first time you open FatSecret, you will be asked about your goals, personal information, and the weights you want to obtain. As soon as you do this, you will immediately get to the diary.


Assistant Diet

With a simple operation, you only need to enter your current weight and your ideal weight, and a nutritionist – Weight Loss does the rest (at least conceptually). You are offering a shopping list according to your diet type, various types of nutrition, depending on your tastes and needs. In this forum, you can comment on results or doubts with other users and multiple tools to help you reach your ideal weight.

Assistant Diet

Assistant Diet is an innovative app that helps people deal with mental obstacles to losing weight. The best thing about this application is that it encourages you to take small steps to change your lifestyle, so you don’t feel bad when making a mistake. There are several key features such as progress tracking, calorie counter, water or food drink reminder, and performance issues. The Pro version gives you a panic button, which is a savior if you want. It is one of the advantages of calorie measurement apps.



Fooducate is based on a straightforward premise and that there is no need to go on a diet, but eat well, but healthily. If you are one of those who share this food philosophy, you can download this app. Fooducate analyzes food nutrition information and tells you about its properties, informing you about the best choices. You can also view the product information by scanning your barcode using trans fat, excess sugar, harmful dyes, and more.


This tool helps you to gain/lose weight, exercise, and count calories. It’s a little different from other calorie counter apps: it helps you know the value of all the calories you eat. When you get this information, you can choose healthier foods.


My Diet Coach

So guys, don’t be shy to stand on the scales and train with this fantastic app that gives you the right nutrition and exercise choices. My Diet Coach is the most feminine and loving app I have ever found. Is it right! Diet plays an essential role in losing weight and can, therefore, add memories that remind you of some things you should and shouldn’t do about nutrition. You can also include some pictures that increase your energy to lose weight. You can reduce your craving for food with several integrated motivational meetings. A diet diary and calorie calculator will help you keep tabs on your nutrition and fitness goals.


My Diet Coach



Easyfit is another best app that records food, exercise, weight gain, water consumption, and macro. You can see animated statistics, add your food to your diet, and reach all your fitness goals. Easyfit can help you lose weight, build muscle, or improve your fitness. You can add food from your food manually or more than + 1500 dishes, so the application can automatically calculate total calories and macro.





Okay, you’re the one who has to set the best fit to gain weight. But these apps can be of great help in achieving your goal. In addition to allowing you to carry out weight management, they also keep you motivated as a real coach, don’t they?

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