9 Best free Reading Apps for Android and iOS (Updated 2021)

Finding the best ebook reading app can be challenging. There are several types of ebooks, many file formats for processing, then different types of books (novels, comics, etc.) that add a bit of complexity to the experience. However, with the right app, you can turn any phone or tablet into an ebook reader. Don’t worry; we can help you by showing you the best Android ebook apps.

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What is the best app for reading books or ebooks on your phone or tablet? While other phones and tablets take up our free time reading books, they also provide the capability to carry and read all of your favorite books with you wherever you go. Whether you buy the latest bestseller in two clicks or browse one of the thousands of free books in public spaces, this free eBook app is complete and offers the option to save your paper offline, by plane, train, or deep in to enjoy mountains.

Best Free Ebooks for Android and iOS

Here are 9 iOS and Android apps that make it easy for you to read books on your smartphone or tablet.

Amazon Kindle – Best free Ebook App

Amazon Kindle is one of the best eBook reading apps. It owns one of the largest and most regular eBook stores on the internet. Apart from that, this app has tons of features for playing games, syncing between devices, and even an extensive collection of free books. The user interface is full of advertisements. However, the real part of reading a book is free of such nonsense. There are also various customization settings for the game. It is a reliable option for publications only. If necessary, you can also download books for offline use.

Best free Ebook App

With Kindle, there’s room for a large web store. It only reads the patented format from global giga.mobi. The integrated bookstore has no less than two million books with many free books. Search, bookmark, a built-in dictionary, and read synchronization between all your devices are just a few options available.

Google Play Books – Best Ebook for Android

Google Play Books is the best Android reading app, like all of those developed by Google. You can read books online or offline and change the rules. You can also download audiobooks from Google Play Books. This app lets you pick up where you left off. You can also add bookmarks, highlight the relevant text, and add notes. The Google eBook Reader offers day, night, and squid modes that are less aggressive for your eyesight.

Best Ebook for Android

It is a virtual bookstore with options to include books, magazines, and many other things. It supports multiple ebook formats, comic book formats, and more. You can even download your book from the cloud and read it anywhere. Other features include book borrowing, fast skim mode, and quick bookmarks. The app is free, but many books cost money.

Aldiko – Best Old Ebook Reader

Aldiko Book Reader is another great option for downloading and reading books on your phone. This app offers a multilingual catalog (French, English, Spanish, Italian, German) with the latest bestsellers for sale and lots of free books from the public sector. Like all apps of this kind, Aldiko allows you to customize your reading by changing the font or color of your eBook text or background.

Best Old Ebook Reader

Aldiko Book Reader is one of the old ebook-reading apps. It supports encrypted eBooks for EPUB, PDF, and Adobe DRM, as well as eBook support for borrowed books. The app also offers a clean user interface, if dated, customization options, support for phones and tablets, and global text search on books. The free version contains ads. The paid version is not. Otherwise, they are the same.

AIReader – Latest Ebook Reader App

AIReader is one of the latest ebook reading applications that also support many older versions of Android. The app also supports the most popular eBook formats, including EPUB (no DRM), RTF, MOBI, PRC, and many others. The user interface has customization options, auto-scrolling, animation for changing pages, and various display modes. This application is free to use, but you can purchase one of the different donation versions if you want. Their prices range from $ 0.99 to $ 9.72.

best Latest Ebook Reader App

Bookari eBook Reader

Bookari eBook Reader is also known as Mantano Reader. However, it is one of the best eBook reading apps out there. It can synchronize with several external devices. You can also buy books directly from the service. Lastly, various eBook formats are supported, including EPUB2, PDF, and others. This application has slightly different features for each file type. The user interface is a little busier than we would generally like to see. However, everything else is pretty solid. The free version contains ads, but the $ 5.49 Pro version doesn’t.

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FullReader – Best Reading App for Android

FullReader is one of the most popular eBook playback apps with more than a dozen file formats. It includes ebooks, comics, and even MP3 audiobook files. The app also consists of four themes, customizable reading settings, a five-language translator, and OPDS support. There’s support for voice synthesis too, though it’s mediocre. The user interface is pretty good. There’s nothing to complain about here. This application is free with ads. Pay $ 7.99, and ads will be removed.

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Kobo Books – Best Paid Ebook App

Kobo Books is another online bookstore such as Amazon, Nook, and Google Play Books. It seemed like all could only read the books he bought while on duty. However, this service supports regular audiobooks and ebooks. Other functions include synchronization of multiple peripherals, offline downloads, and late-night gaming. The application can be downloaded for free, but of course, Books cost money.

Best Paid Ebook App

iBook – Best Ebook for iOS

iBooks has an extensive collection of books for all ages, including illustrated and interactive books, especially for kids, and beautiful art and photography books, highlighted by the superb screen quality on the iPad. Designed for Apple’s sharing ecosystem, iBooks lets you share all of your books on any family device via iCloud.

Best Ebook for iOS

Foxit PDF Reader & Ebook

Foxit is one of the most popular PDF reading apps, an excellent combination of achievement and reading. This application supports all types of PDF files. It also offers a clarification function, a function for filling out forms, and a data protection function of ConnectedPDF. It can read PDF files for playback and also supports audio and video that probably has the best cross-platform support for any eReader or PDF application. You can find Foxit on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android. Here are the top five!

Foxit PDF Reader & Ebook

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