Best Apps for Intermittent Fasting in 2021 | Android & iOS

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Today many people lead or try to make life as healthy as possible, all with or without the help of qualified personnel. Sometimes, it is necessary to follow a plan to manage the daily turbulence between daily life and work-life more efficiently.

Best App for Intermittent Fasting

In recent years there has been talking of a diet known as intermittent fasting. Hence, there are specific applications that can be used to plan meals throughout the day. There will be an interval when you can’t try to eat. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to a daily schedule.

Best App for Intermittent Fasting

  1. Zero Calories Fasting Tracker & Intermittent Fast
  2. Bodyfast
  3. Clear – Intermittent Fasting for Body & Mind
  4. Do Fasting
  5. LIFE Fasting Tracker
  6. Window – Intermittent Fasting

With the best apps that help you fast regularly, you can even recommend daily meals to help you lose weight naturally without having to stop eating. There are many people out there who did this quickly and well from the start to the present day.

Zero Calories Fasting Tracker & Intermittent Fast

The Leap Fitness Group app is aimed at both beginners and users who already have more experience with this diet. Among these plans are a few such as 14-10, 6-1, 10-2, and 20-4, all based on professional people’s specific goals. Once you start, you’ll see progress in the number of hours you stay on an empty stomach after a day, week, or month. All it takes is to hurry every week because the app calculates your BMI (Body Mass Index). You will continue to make progress.

Zero Calories Fasting Tracker & Intermittent Fast

What’s essential is the Intermittent Fast – Zero-Cal Fast Followers app syncs with Google Fit to track all the progress you make each day. There are many signs that you will never be carefree whether you eat or not at this time. The Intermittent Quick app feature includes several immediate plans that let you customize the preliminary plan, the timer’s initial plan, and many other options. Since this app ensures that weight loss has never been more effortless, you can follow the procedure you want without any pressure once you try it.


The Bodyfast app defines itself as your fasting coach with a basic plan and progress; it all depends on whether you start fasting regularly or not. Also, the app has a one-week schedule, and for some time, you can greet each of them to find out how you’re doing. Bodyfast offers a personalized program based on data and progress. You monitor various parameters, including knowing what water you drink every day and the amount of food you eat. All of this shows you a schedule, so you know what you were up to during the day, week, and month.


The basic options are free, so we can use an exciting tool to fix interruptions quickly. However, you can unlock a trainer who knows you by purchasing the best services. The free version has no ads, which is one of the app’s advantages. She has ten different fast plans, so you can switch to a weekly schedule if you’d rather see if you are better than others. The results are satisfying because you can burn fat with either one, watch for changes in the first few weeks.

Clear – Intermittent Fasting for Body & Mind

It is characterized by regular fasting that takes time to cut it. In this sense, it has quite an important function in carrying out a weekly weight loss plan. First, you must be willful and avoid eating in between classes that are basic enough to see progress. By fasting your body and mind regularly, you can keep an eye on each day, know the hours of fasting, and follow developments from the start. This app adds a prevalent dark mode for mobile devices, saves battery life, and ensures visibility when tired from long hours of screen use.

Clear - Intermittent Fasting for Body & Mind

The app adds a gadget to add to the homepage and has everything with one click to see daily progress. While not very popular, it has been gaining a following for a while thanks to its functionality and the packages they give us every day.

Do Fasting

Dofasting is an app that encourages you to exercise every day. He also shows you a weekly plan for fasting regularly for weight loss. Diets are essential; they give you variety and alternatives to modify as long as you want. It has a timer, various plans to choose from, which are tracked daily. Programs vary between 7, 14, and 28 days and range from a week, two weeks, and almost a month. Add workouts, workouts, and other plans, including walking for half an hour to forty-five minutes each day.

Do Fasting app

The Dofasting app provides you with recommended recipes for maintaining health and nutritional tips created by professionals. You can log your calorie intake to identify the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates you have consumed and perform the fast that best meets your needs.

LIFE Fasting Tracker

When talking about LIFE Fasting Tracker, it is worth mentioning one of the essential apps which have been very successful in the United States, which is highly appreciated after being used by more than 200,000 people. Allows you to start a regular fast with a tailored plan, especially as you begin to prepare for it. She will continue to count your fasting routine to share the moods you had for the week and what keeps you going. In this case, you can fast for as long as you like. Since the app recommends starting with one in about seven days to see progress, you can edit the time between posts.

LIFE Fasting Tracker

It is used for 24-hour, 16: 8 fasts, one meal per day, 5: 2, and for longer fasts to help you lose healthy weight with the recommended diet. It will allow you to view regular health and fasting articles t that is based on research and published weekly. This app promises to lose weight healthily, improve weight management, reduce inflammation, measure blood sugar, and other significant healthy things. As if it were not short, it will be translated into your language so that you can choose the one you want, with some as appropriate.

Window – Intermittent Fasting

Windows is a powerful periodic tracking system that can be adjusted from the start of the application so that everything is editable, including launch plans. This increases your ability to control your weight and motivates you to continue with your weekly or monthly goals. Manage apps the fasting period begins and ends, you can do this as long as you want, and you will see results in a week, two weeks, and more in a month. A challenge that isn’t tiring at all provides you with a diet plan so you don’t get bored and lose it over time.

Window - Intermittent Fasting

They have the option to tell you the short hours when the event starts and when it ends so you have time to eat. The fast packs are two by default, the first is 16-8, and the second is 5-2, although you can change it manually, keeping that in mind if you find it very long. Having smart notifications, the initial allows 12 hours of eating and 12 hours of fasting, so your body is ready, and you can achieve outstanding performance. You can eat these regular foods through the mealtime window, but all in moderation as needed for gradual weight loss.

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